Pymetrozine technical

Trade name: Pymetrozine technicalCommodity No.: y005Launch time: October 13, 2016Views: 215Detailed introductionCommon name:PymetrozineSpecification and model:95%-98%Introduction:Pyridozines or triazi

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Trade name: Pymetrozine technical

Commodity No.: y005

Launch time: October 13, 2016

Views: 215

Detailed introduction

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Pyridozines or triazine insecticides


Pymetrozine belongs to pyridine or triazine ketone insecticides. It is a new non insecticidal insecticide. The product has excellent control effect on many kinds of crops. Pymetrozine has contact and insecticidal activity to insect pests. It can not only be transported in xylem but also in phloem in plants, so it can be used as both foliar spray and soil treatment. Because of its good transport characteristics, new shoots and leaves can also be effectively protected after spray.

Use of crops:

Vegetables, wheat, rice, cotton, fruit trees.

Insecticidal spectrum:

Aphididae, Delphacidae, Aleyrodidae, Cicadellidae and other pests, such as cabbage aphid, cotton aphid, wheat aphid, peach aphid, green leaf cicada, gray planthopper, sweet potato whitefly and greenhouse whitefly.


25kg cardboard drum