Avermectin technical

Trade name: avermectin technicalCommodity No.: y004Launch time: October 13, 2016Views: 256Detailed introductionCommon name:AbamectinCAS NO.:71751-41-2Specification and model:95%Physical and chemical p

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Trade name: avermectin technical

Commodity No.: y004

Launch time: October 13, 2016

Views: 256

Detailed introduction

Common name:




Specification and model:


Physical and chemical properties:

The refined technical powder is white or yellow powder (containing B1a ≥ 90%), the vapor pressure is less than 200npa, the melting point is 150-155 ℃, and the solubility is 7.8 μ g / L in water at 21 ℃.


It is highly toxic and can degrade rapidly in soil.

The action mode and characteristics are as follows

Contact, stomach poison, strong penetration. It is a macrolide disaccharide. It is a natural product isolated from soil microorganism. It has contact killing and stomach toxicity to insects and mites, and has weak fumigation effect and no internal absorption effect. It can penetrate the lower epidermis, but it has a long residual effect on the leaves. It doesn't kill eggs. The mechanism of action is different from that of common insecticides. It interferes with neurophysiological activities and stimulates the release of r-aminobutyric acid, which can inhibit the nerve conduction of arthropods. Adult mites, nymphs and insects will appear paralysis symptoms after contacting with insecticides. They will not move and eat, and die 2-4 days later. Because it does not cause rapid dehydration of insects, its lethal effect is slow. However, although it has a direct killing effect on predatory and parasitic natural enemies, the damage to beneficial insects is small due to the little residue on the plant surface. It has obvious effect on root knot nematode.

Suitable crops:

Rice, vegetables, cotton, fruit trees and other crops.


25kg cardboard drum